Our hardware is designed and produced in house in Italy and is the direct result
of our dedicated software engineers experience in the industrial monitoring sector.
Perfect for satisfying every requirement relating to remote data collection and


Monitoring panel

Robust metal monitoring panel capable of collecting all signals coming from the
field in an orderly and efficient manner. Equipped with backup battery, switch
for network connectivity or modem with SIM card. The perfect solution for large
photovoltaic systems.


Power Plant Controller

Designed to meet the highest quality standards for large photovoltaic installations
and power plant control. Setpoint adjustment, signal tracking mode, operating
logic for off-grid/mini-grid systems and back-up battery. Just to name some of its


String Combiner

HSC (Higeco string combiner) is an array combiner for strings of photovoltaic panels.
It is installed between PV panels and the inverter and provides DC current aggregation
and complete monitoring solution. It can be paired with monitoring devices to measure
the current,voltage and temperature to ensure the availability of the strings and to maximize


SCADA Server

Complete and flexible infrastructure to accommodate the scada system software.
Solid metal rack cabinet, IP20 protection level, double UPS with external battery
management, redundant devices and automatic failover from one server to another.
Provision for connectivity with optional optical fiber.


Meteo Station

Created for large photovoltaic parks, in addition to all the main data from irradiation
to wind direction, it can integrate dedicated sensors such as pyranometers and
other sensors. A complete on-board monitoring system ensures data storage and
transmission even when power is not available thanks to the backup battery and
the redundant modem connection.