Press Release

Stronger together: meteocontrol Italia and Higeco More unite forces in the Italian market

Milan, Italy – Higeco More and meteocontrol Italia S.r.l. have announced a collaboration for the Italian market, focusing on medium voltage applications within the renewable energy sector. This strategic partnership leverages the profound understanding of Higeco More of the Italian renewable energy market alongside meteocontrol’s specialized solutions for professional asset management. The primary objective is to enhance efficiency and reliability in offerings tailored for stakeholders engaged in Italy’s renewable energy sector.

Asset management

Know the type of PPA that best suits your business.

Legally, a PPA is an energy purchase contract in which a person (producer) sells the electricity produced by his plant to a person who takes advantage of it on the market.
This subject, called trader or wholesaler, assumes the status of dispatching user and becomes the interface of the production unit with the national electricity distribution network thus assuming responsibility for what is promised in terms of energy input to the operator of the distribution infrastructure (In Italy, for example, Terna SpA) …

Team Higeco More

Research & Development – Marco De Salvador introduces himself for Higeco More

My favorite part of Vision is the KPI (Key Performance Indicator) module. The aim of the module is to make any type of calculation and comparison possible between all the data present in the system or in the portfolio. It is possible to define complex algorithms directly from the web interface starting from a graphical “brick” autocomposer (Google Blockly) and subsequently generate a function in javascript to be customized.
The ad hoc libraries allow easy access to the system configuration information and the data collected. The typical example of KPI is the Plant Performance Ratio (PR) …

Asset management Operation & Maintenance

Limit O&M costs through intelligence monitoring platforms.

Parlare di O&M Operation & Maintenance in ambito fotovoltaico ci fa pensare, soprattutto in Italia, al parco fotovoltaico esistente e a quella tipologia di interventi di manutenzione effettuati per necessità su impianti realizzati senza particolare attenzione ad aspetti come progettazione, installazione e componentistica, con ovvie ripercussioni negative sulle performance degli impianti stessi e sul business plan di chi ha investito nel fotovoltaico. Ma l’O&M ovviamente non è solo questo…

Asset management

Big Data and asset management: when artificial intelligence improves the ROI of photovoltaic assets

The renewable energy sector is today on the threshold of an unprecedented expansion phase. In a new era of zero carbon emissions, solar energy plays the lion’s share for its abundance and because, thanks to technology, its exploitation becomes more and more convenient year by year. However, given the nature and the number of factors that influence the performance of photovoltaic systems (availability of solar radiation, wear / reliability of the system components, maintenance etc.), many aspects related to their exploitation are still widely perfectible today and present great earning opportunities for those who invest in renewables. The keywords in this sense are: optimization and forecasting …