CCI - Central Plant Controller

Align your power plant to the CEI 0-16 V1 and V2 regulations thanks to our CCI

The European Guideline for electricity transmission system (SOGL) establishes the importance of monitoring and controlling distributed generation (DER) and in particular from renewable sources (RES).

In line with new regulations, the Italian regulatory body ARERA entrusts the DSO with the task of acquiring and sending data from production plants to the energy transmission operator (TSO).

The CEI has introduced the Central Plant Controller (CCI) as the V1 and V2 variants in accordance with the standard 0-16. The CCI is installed at the Delivery Point and allows DSOs to monitor and regulate the power production plant, thereby taking part in the balancing of the grid.


Which plants are subject to the CCI

All the production plants with power greater than or equal to 1 MW connected in Medium Voltage (MV)

  • The plants operational from 01/12/2022

  • The plants operational until 30/11/2022 to be adapted by 31/01/2024

  • The plants connected in medium voltage that participate in the Dispatching Markets of any Pn

Contributi economici Controllore Centrale di Impianto (CCI)

Contribution to facilitate compliance with the legislation

Economic bonus for CCI

For existing plants, the Authority has provided a flat-rate contribution in order to facilitate compliance with the legislation. The amount of this contribution depends on the date of dispatch of the notice of correction, the checks of which have been successful.

The process includes:

  • The manufacturer sends confirmation to the distributor that work has been completed on meeting the CCI compliance;
  • The distributor must carry out within two months of confirmation remote checks or sample inspections;
  • In the event of a negative result, the manufacturer has 2 months to carry out corrective actions and communicate it to the distributor, who then organises new checks within 1 month;
  • In the event of a positive outcome, the distributor disburses the bonus within 3 months of notification of the compliance.