Monitoring and control systems for renewable energy power plants

Thanks to the complete and customizable Higeco More software solutions, the management of renewable assets becomes simpler and more organized: digitalization and automation of O&M processes, real-time monitoring, remote control of energy flows…

Furthermore, the modular structure allows the creation of tailor-made and personalized solutions based on the specific needs of the customer. Thanks to the management of roles and permissions, the client will be able to manage information securely.

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface
  • Accessible from mobile
  • Modular structure customizable according to needs
  • Advanced management of roles and permissions


Asset management platform

A complete management system with all the tools necessary for asset management.
Automatic data aggregation, advanced master data, ordinary/extraordinary maintenance management. Troubleshooting ticketing. With its plugin software structure, it is possible to add any new feature quickly and easily.


Energy Management System

Thanks to our long experience in the industrial monitoring and remote control sector, we can supply hardware and software systems for the control of storage, mini-grid and off-grid systems, integration of inverter with battery and any external diesel generators.

Services and Engineering


Discover the devices for monitoring and controlling renewable energy production plants that best suit your needs: Dataloggers, Power Plant Controllers, Central Plant Controllers, Meteo Stations, SCADA Servers, Monitoring Panels...