Energy Management System


Industries, buildings, commercial or telecommunication activities mainly rely on diesel generators for their electricity supply to avoid voltage and production drops caused by blackouts or other electrical problems.
Diesel is very expensive and so it’is often combined with a photovoltaic system and/or energy storage in the battery in order to reduce energy costs. However, losses and inefficiencies occur very often due to a lack of management of energy flows, thus leading to a significant increase in costs.

Thanks to SENERGY, Higeco More’s energy management system, all these energy inefficiencies are eliminated. The Higeco More GWC datalogger uses advanced learning algorithms to predict and anticipate the amount of solar energy and the consumption of the site and together with the EMS software it is able to optimize the use of energy and avoid losses. The EMS platform connects diesel generators, the photovoltaic system, the electricity grid and any batteries and controls and manages energy flows based on load and generation profiles, bringing significant savings both in the cost of fuel and in the use of energy from the network.

Integration of PV with storages and diesel generators

Ready for energy communities

Fuel saving in hybrid plants

Features and functionalities:

  • Start and stop management for a direct economic savings on fuel
  • Energy flowa control to decrease failures caused by excessive load
  • Centralized monitoring
  • Performace aalysis
  • Customized reports and user management
  • Remote site control
  • Extended compatibility
  • Integrated intelligence