Your asset management platform


Vision is a web-based platform for the management of renewable mixed portfolio assets. Vision guarantees an increase in quality and efficiency in all asset management activity. Starting with the analysis of productivity and economic return in real time, to the management of field maintenance, warehouse and advanced reporting, to the custom development of new features.

Vision has a modular structure based on plug-ins which can be added to increase its functionality. This modular structure allows for easy management and gives the user (O&M’s, EPC’s, asset managers and shareholders) the ability to customize the platform according to their needs.

Centralized control

Extreme usability

Unique, like your business

Features and functionalities:

  • Modular customizable structure based on different plug-ins
  • Automatic data aggregation
  • Intuitive and evolved graphical interface and page editor iPage
  • Ability to create and edit contractual KPIs, PR and availability
  • Compatible with SCADA third-party devices
  • A single portal for multiple systems
  • Real time data and alarms monitoring
  • Data integrity (when used in conjunction with a Higeco datalogger)
  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Responsive interface, including a mobile App (Android and IOS)
  • User role & permission management