Team Higeco More

Founding partner – Sales Manager – Giovanni Rossi introduces himself for Higeco More

Giovanni, tell us something about yourself!

I’m Giovanni Rossi, I graduated with a specialist degree in Telecommunications Engineering,  from the University of Parma.

Outside the working environment, I had been an athlete of the Italian swimming national team and I currently cultivate many hobbies including sailing: I’m a member of the Alpha Sailing Club in Santander.

Before Higeco More was founded I had worked as a SCADA engineer and, in 2014 I founded WEM, an engineering company now part of Higeco Group. In 2017, I together with my partner Fulvio Ferrari and the founding partners of Higeco decided to create an entrepreneurial reality that would offer complete solutions for the monitoring, control and management of renewable assets on a global level. So, Higeco More was born.

Which is your role in Higeco More?

I am Higeco More sales manager with a special focus on the foreign market. As already mentioned, my background is technical but I have embarked on a path that has led me to combine technical knowledge with the commercial world and to develop a strong orientation towards customer relations and satisfaction.

Perseverance, honesty and curiosity are certainly the values I care most about.

What are the main activities you do within Higeco More?

In Higeco More my daily “routine” consists in organizing and monitoring the activities of the commercial area, contacting and meeting new Customers, cultivating relationships with current Customers, generating new projects and commercial offers and also evaluating participation in events like sector fairs all over the world.

A project you particularly care about/you are working on right now?

I am currently involved in numerous projects, all of which are important to me. I focus on the growth of Higeco More, rather than a single project.

Can you reveal us an aspect of your work that we will never imagine?

I have lived in Italy, France, Germany and Spain (where I currently reside) for personal reasons. Over the years I have developed together with my team and colleagues an efficient smart working method that allows us to be always aligned and to share information in a rapid way. I believe that this is a fundamental aspect to be competitive in the modern market.

Can you share a slogan to greet us?

Recently I have travelled a lot to the United Arabs Emirates and I have been struck by a sentence said by the Sheikh and Prime Minister Mohammed bin Rashid at-Makotum: “Try to achieve the impossible and direct your people to ways of achieving it.