The Higeco data loggers (GWC-2DIN and GWC-4DIN) are the perfect tools for monitoring renewable energy power plants. Thanks to their flexible and highly configurable structure, they can adapt to the different needs of users. In this way, they make monitoring more simple and more effective.

GWCs are also compatible with over 1000 different types of devices (inverters, string boxes, energy meters, irradiation sensors, trackers, I-O, etc.) and guarantee total control over the system, ensuring greater efficiency. Data is synchronized in real-time with the Cloud and stored in internal memory to avoid any data loss even in the absence of an internet connection.

Datalogger GWC 4din e 2din

Extremely customizable

Compatible with all manufacturers

Complete control of the system

Datalogger GWC 4DIN

Features and functionalities:

  • Available in two models: GWC 4DIN and GWC 2DIN
  • Internal memory for data storage
  • Flexible management of alarms and ability to define new alarms directly by the user
  • Monitoring of all devices existing in the system (inverters, string panels, IO modules, meters, pyranometers, solar meters, trackers, weather stations, etc.)
  • Compatible with more than 50 brands
  • Modular structure that allows the installation of different features and plug-ins as needed
  • Data synchronization with the Cloud in real-time
  • Total configurability (e.g. customization of data acquisition, recording times, etc.)