HSC (Higeco String Combiner) is an electrical panel for PV panel strings. It is installed between the photovoltaic panels and the inverter and provides direct current aggregation and complete monitoring solution. It can be combined with monitoring devices to measure current, voltage and temperature, to ensure the availability of the strings and maximize generation.

Depending on the type of application, HSC can be used with the Higeco More monitoring platform. The detailed SCADA alarm system will allow you to quickly maximize system performance.

Power under control

Compatible with all manufacturers

Maximized generation

Features and functionalities:

  • Configurable number of inputs (8/16/32)
  • Current, voltage and alarm monitoring
  • Voltage up to 1500Vdc
  • Compatible with third party monitoring systems
  • LoRa radio frequency transmission (optional)
  • Self-powered by the photovoltaic string, no external power supply required (optional)
  • Alarm for lack of / poor production