The Higeco More monitoring panels can be configured according to the communication architecture to be implemented and the devices to be acquired. Each monitoring panel guarantees order and efficiency in the collection of all the signals coming from the field.

Equipped with backup battery, switch for network connectivity or modem / router with SIM card, it is the perfect solution for medium-large systems.
Higeco More monitoring panels provide a complete, reliable and, above all, easy to install solution. Everything that is necessary for a complete control of the system is available in a single panel.

Unique and complete solution

Easy to install

Different customizable models

Features and functionalities:

  • Backup battery that ensures a continuous operation
  • Lack of main power alarm
  • Fieldbus protections
  • Datalogger for data acquisition from different devices
  • Integrated connection system (modem or router)
  • IO digital inputs and Relè outputs
  • Power supply for solar meters or other sensors
  • Customized installation of different features and plug-ins
  • Data synchronization with the Cloud in real time