About the project


Italy 150MW – PV plant portfolio DAS revamping

Design, supply, installation and commissioning of the data acquisition systems for a pv portfolio composed of 171 plants – 150MW in Italy. All the operations for the complete revamping have been completed in 3 months. All the installations are controlled and managed by Higeco More Vision Platform, that guarantees the supervision of more than 300.000 signals, including each photovoltaic string and passing through MT lines, auxiliary systems, trackers, inverters, meters and weather stations.

Main Vision Platform functionalities:
– Unique interface for all the portfolio
– Data acquisition and integration
– Custom layouts and views
– Troubleshooting ticketing system
– Inventory management
– Interface with GSE and Agenzia Dogane
– Interactive Alarms and Warnings
– Custom automatic reports
– Historical data storage
– Data Export