Our services

Professionals working at Higeco More have gained significant international experience in the field of remote monitoring and control of photovoltaic, wind and hydroelectric powered generation plants.

The variety and professionalism of our services has made us the ideal partner to major EPC international contractors for the development and implementation of systems for monitoring and controlling the production of energy from renewable sources. We also boast as being a key partner to large investment fund companies, providing the most effective solutions for the economic viability analysis of renewable investments.

Higeco More offers complete turnkey solutions. Our offer includes the design, supply, installation and commissioning of remote monitoring and control systems for renewable assets.

Our software solutions enable you to optimise remote asset management. This means you’re always in control of the efficiency, productivity, and cost-effectiveness of your systems.

Higeco More management platform

The Higeco More plant mnagement platform is a web-based application for the remote management of power plant portfolios running on renewable sources, using a range of different technologies and distributed across the territory.

It is an advanced and reliable, yet flexible, web monitoring platform that collects real-time data from different brands of tracking systems. Capable of calculating key performance indicators, both in terms of plant operations, as well as the economic return of assets. The platform sends automatic reports via emails and messages, dynamically manages inventory resources, has an integrated and efficient trouble-ticketing system, and offers a host of advanced features to satisfy even the most demanding of customers.

  • Hardware

    Our hardware is designed and built by us and is the result of solid experience in the field of industrial monitoring and remote control systems. Each product is fruit of the constant effort to meet the daily needs of our customers by providing reliable, versatile and innovative data loggers and devices.

  • Engineering

    Our engineering team boasts years of international experience in technical consulting and design of remote monitoring and control systems for renewable energy power plants. Our expertise also includes the development of Power Plant Controllers in accordance with local Grid Codes.

  • Service

    The Higeco More service ensures that the installation and commissioning of our systems is accomplished in an orderly fashion, minimising time and cost. Effective technical support and quick solutions to any kind of problem is all part of our service offer.

  • Software

    The Higeco More Software Development Team is an added value which sets us apart from our competitors. We offer advanced tailor-made functionality complete with customised tools for optimising the work of technicians be it monitoring in the office or maintenance out in the field.